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Saad Al-Jadir 2011

Khalid Al-Jadir mastered Arabic, French and English and some German. This allowed him to broaden his knowledge about the history of Islamic and international arts. He constantly followed subjects that interested him in the media, at exhibitions and in museums. He would say that art was not only a gift and a technique, but founded on knowledge. He continuously studied art and its theories, focusing on art within the Islamic culture.

Thanks to this vision, he produced great paintings.

Khalid Al-Jadir published works on various subjects; here are some of his publications:

Al-Wasiti and the artistic specificities of the Iraqi school of arts in Medieval Islamic era.

Modernity and Tradition.

The Movement of Islamic Expansion and its Impacts.

Samara and the Impact of German Scholars.

A set of research about some artists: Degas, Mattes, Van Gogh.

A series of research about the history of the Byzantine civilization.

A series of research about the Abbasid civilization.

A series of research about the Roman civilization.

A series of research about contemporary civilizational, artistic aspects from Democratic Germany. He conducted this research during his stay in East Berlin from 1965-1966.

The History of Medieval Ages.

The Ballet or the art of expressionist dance.

The contribution of Arabs to the art of painting in the AL-Hadhar Era. Ordered by the General secretariat of the Arab league (1972).

The Beginning and End of the Medieval Era: the feudal society, the creation of cities, trade, the intellectual movement and the establishment of universities.

The impressionists.

The neo-impressionists

The Surrealists.



He also worked on many other researches, some of which were:

Iraqi manuscripts that date back to the Abbasid Era, Sparks of the Iraqi Arts and The Mosque of Mirjan in Baghdad.

Khalid Al-Jadir

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