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CV – The Professor

Saad Al-Jadir 2011

KKhalid Al-Jadir taught art since the 1940s that was in the following institutions in Iraq:

Queen A’lia College, (Tahrir College), The Higher Teachers Institute, The Institute of Beaux Arts, The Academy of Arts and The College of Letters.

As well as in the Riyadh University (Saudi Arabia) and in the Higher Institute of journalism in Rabat (Morocco).

Among his old students, there are now great artists, journalists and writers who still analyze his works and write about him in the Iraqi and Arab newspapers.

The artist Firas Abdelmajid was one of them. He wrote: "Al-Jadir was not a traditional teacher. He provided a large space in which all those who aspired to acquire more authentic artistic knowledge. This space first came into existence in one of the rooms of the Academy of Art, which later was given the name 'The School of Arts'. It was our first year at the School and we had not chosen out specialties yet. Our professor of the History of art was Dr. Waleed Al-Jadir, the artist Khalid Al-Jadir's brother. The family name 'Al-Jadir' reminded us of the great artist Khalid Al-Jadir whose news we always followed. Our desire to get acquainted with the other members of Al-Jadir family was so strong, especially Dr. Khalid Al-Jadir. When we moved to the second year, Dr. Khalid Al-Jadir was the one in charge of teaching us the History of art. What was interesting was that in his lectures, he used to include all branches of arts, namely painting, carving, ceramics. That was back in 1969 and 1970. It was a rare opportunity for us, as the specialties divided the students while Dr. Al-Jadir's lecture united them."

Dr. Waleed Al-Jadir taught us the History of ancient Iraqi art in first year and Dr. Khalid Al-Jadir taught us modern art in Europe in second year and in both years we studied the love of arts with both artist brothers.

Ten years later, the wild fascist attack that befell the country obliged us to leave Iraq to different other countries and we then met in Morocco where the great artist Khalid Al-Jadir settled and this time with his brother the artist, architect and researcher Dr. Saad Al-Jadir. This new encounter with the Al-Jadir family in a far away country, where a lot of options and possibilities are available, pushed us to unite in love and friendship.

When we recall the memory of Khalid Al-Jadir, we stand in respect and awe in front of this great monument and this majestic Iraqi palm with its ever lasting shade.

Khalid Al-Jadir

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